Fire Systems


LIFE SAFTY co. engineers are engineering expertise include the design of technology & managerial solution to problem encountered in industrial, commercial & environmental solution. It offers strategies to advice safe efficient solutions with respect to cost, design or operational constraints. It experienced re engineers have executed various prestigious projects in the state of Qatar.

Our Company is QCDD approved company license No: (38629) We Specialize in:

•Civil defense approval
•Suggest appropriate solutions.
•Supply, Installation, Testing & commissioning
•Annual maintenance Contracting & Maintenance Contracting
•Fire Extinguishers, Fire Sprinklers, Fire hose reel, Wet riser, Dry riser & Hydrant re & Gas detection systems.
•Fire alarms & detection.
•Fire suppression system – FM200, CO2, ARGONFIRE, WATER MIST AND WET CHEMICAL
•Fire proof coating .
•Fire containment.
•Automatic sprinkler system
•Emergency EXIT light system.


•We are specialized in trading of various Fire Protection Systems.
•Fire Extinguishers
•Fire Sprinklers
•Fire hose reel
•Wet riser
•Dry riser & Hydrant re
•Gas detection systems
•Emergency EXIT light systems
•Smoke & Heat detector
•Black & White CCD Camera & Ultra compact color cameras.
•Dry riser & Hydrant fire

LIFE SAFTY Electromechanically


LIFE SAFTY we have not stopped at just defining our work ethics. We have translated them in to action able points for our people so that safety becomes a reality in our day to life. The work ethic of RBN inspires us to give our best in ensuring to quality and a pragmatic way to trouble shoot any problems if any. We believe that we offers the most comprehensive, individualized services, provided by the industry’s most conscientious and experienced re protection professionals. More importantly, we hope you’ll recognizes the unique opportunity to contract with a re protection expert what offers comprehensive services backed by years of experience in UAE and India and proficient in industry solutions and client satisfaction.